Prevent and track file access, stop file stealing, block file copying, find lost files and control what’s being done with your most sensitive information. Ensure compliance with HIPAA, NERC-CIP, PCI, SOX, and much more...

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Most organizations want to know who is accessing their files and what they are doing with them. The problem is that native Windows file auditing is noisy and CPU-intensive. ByStorm has a better low-cost file auditing software solution to the problem!

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Data loss protection and enabling user productivity are often competing priorities. Using native Windows ACLs and user/group permissions is too restrictive in some cases and porous in others. Allowing access while concurrently blocking web mail attach, stopping copies to USB drives, and ensuring file integrity is now possible!

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Information security regulations and policies require you to secure company files, track employee file use, control or limit file access, stop file theft, and reduce risk for all involved. Proving compliance is often painful. We understand that the more customizable, schedulable, and flexible the data views, the better and easier company security compliance can be.

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Why ByStorm Software

ByStorm Software, located in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, was founded in 2003 and boasts over 100 active file auditing software customers today. Find out more about why ByStorm has been chosen...

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"Our compliance officer values the real time display showing access of critical data and the defense rules that ensure that proprietary data remains private! It's the only thing we found that meets our needs."

- Joe McDaniel, Director of Information Services for the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care


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