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If you're only interested in 'Recording' what is happening to your data. FileSure is all you need.
FileSure answers the Who? What? When? and How? questions and provides interactive searching, researching, reporting, scheduled reporting, threshold alerting and more.

FileSure is priced at $1,000 USD per server and $47 USD per workstation

FileSure Defend (DLP)

Record what is happening to your important files and protect them from theft. It's up to you whether you want to just record what people copy to USB drives and what's sent via webmail, or block it.

FileSure Defend is priced at $1,300 USD per server and $67 USD per workstation

How many computers do I need to Audit/Protect?

- Servers

Only count servers that actually have interesting files on them. Most of the time, you don't need to count your Domain Controllers or Exchange servers.

- Workstations

The decision to include workstations usually comes down you care about your data being 'Leaked' or 'Stolen'. (FileSure Defend running on a workstation is very powerful combination)

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