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See ByStorm's FileSure file auditing software in action! Click on the images below to see informative file auditing/security product screenshots.

Real Time Monitor

The FileSure console shows file and folder activity in real time while also allowing quick access to wizard based common tasks.

Define Audit Role

Defining a rule in FileSure is quick and easy. This screenshot shows the definition of a single rule to record access to Microsoft Office files.

File Theft Alert

Getting an e-mail alert, when an important or unexpected file access takes place, is indispensable when quick action is desired. This screenshot shows defining such an alert in FileSure.

View Data

FileSure offers powerful forensic abilities so you can find exactly what file operation you're looking for. Here is a screenshot of the FileSure 'View Data' screen.

Manage Deployements

Extend FileSure's powerful file auditing and security to the workstation and managing these workstations is a snap with FileSure. This screenshot shows the Manage Deployments dialog.

Stop Web Hackers

FileSure has the ability to have a rule only apply during a certain block of time. This screenshot shows defining a rule that will only apply after-hours; this specific rule denies users from changing web files except during business hours.

Sample Report

Reports provide another method of viewing recorded file accesses. This screenshot shows an example of FileSure's reporting ability.

Edit Job

Viewing reports is fine, but sometimes you want an report delivered directly to your inbox. By setting up a automatic report, FileSure will do just that. Here shows us setting up an automatic reporting job.

Web Console

If you have users who need to know about file access faster than scheduled reports can provide, the FileSure Web Console comes to the rescue. This simple 'slice and dice' interface allows your users to search for what they want without getting you involved.

Block Evil Doer

Protecting files from a user is easy with FileSure Defend. This screenshot shows a simple rule defending *.xls files from users with the username starting with Evildoer.

Evil Doer Actions Defend Against Evil Doers on Excel Files

FileSure Defend runs as part of Windows, so it's not possible to get around it. In this screenshot, all attempts by EvilDoer1 to access c:\url.xls are blocked by FileSure Defend. Evildoer1 tried to delete it, read it, rename it and copy over it using a command prompt.